Looking for veterinary services in Boyle Alberta?

Boyle Veterinary Services offers a wide range of veterinary services for large and small animals in the following areas:

Large Animal

  • Routine Check-ups
  • Herd Health Consults
  • Vaccination Programs
  • Obstetrics
  • Castrations 
  • Pregnancy Testing 
  • BSE Testing
  • Bovine Semen Testing
  • Equine Dentistry

Small Animal

  • Routine Check-ups
  • Routine Surgeries
  • Specialty Surgeries
  • Vaccination Programs
  • Nutrition Consulting 
  • Dentistry
  • Laboratory Services
  • Client Education
  • Radiology 
  • Grooming and Nail Trims 
  • Microchipping

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Boyle Alberta, call Boyle Veterinary Services today at 780-689-3800 to make an appointment now.

Additional Services

We provide temporary housing for the Village of Boyle and the County of Athabasca for stray or lost dogs. 

Emergency and/or Extended Care

We try to accommodate most emergency cases, however, depending on the situation, it may be necessary to refer the patient to a veterinary emergency facility. 


We offer simple grooming for dogs and cats, especially those with long hair that mats easily or may need assistance keeping themselves clean. We also provide nail trimming services. 

Medical Services

If your animal needs medical assistance, you can feel confident in allowing us to serve you. Our knowledgeable staff and facility are equipped to handle a  variety of medical conditions, including emergencies.


Microchipping is a permanent form of identification. Tags may be removed or fall off, tattoos may stretch or fade, but a microchip is always there to positively identify each pet to its owner. 

Nutritional Counseling

Your animals nutrition is the foundation of their health. We invite you to ask us questions regarding nutritional matters. For certain situation, we have access to consult with specialized veterinary nutritionists. In Our offices we stock the following foods: Royal Canin (Gourmet Line) and Hills Diet Pet Foods

Preventive Services

A simple way you can help keep your pet healthy is by protecting him or her against parasites. Heartworms, fleas, ticks, and other internal and external parasites are much more than just pests; they can cause life-threatening conditions.

Surgical Services

Our experienced veterinarian provides many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine to advanced procedures, including orthopedics. Because we want to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcome, we occasionally refer them to specialists (board-certified veterinary surgeons).

Wellness and Vaccination Programs

It is important to have your pet on a vaccination schedule to prevent serious diseases. As pets approach their senior years, we strongly recommend annual blood and urine screening, as this can reveal health issues in the early stages. Help keep your pet happy and healthy, especially in their golden years.